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Dia de los Niños

Dia de los Niños 2016

El 30 de abril de 2016, Marshall será la sede del anual Día de los Niños y la comunidad evento para recaudar fondos. Este evento se exhiben las cocinas locales, artistas y otras empresas interesadas en la promoción de su compromiso con la educación pública local y la preservación de nuestra herencia multicultural. Compruebe más tarde para más detalles!

On April 30 2016, Marshall will host the annual DIA DE LOS NIÑOS community event and fundraiser. This event showcases local cuisines, entertainers, and other businesses interested in promoting their commitment to local public education and the preservation of our multicultural heritage. Check back later for more details!

How you can help! Our outreach letter


This is an example of the letter we are using to outreach to local businesses, to help support our fundraising effort.

Marshall Elementary, your local public school, is looking to its Mission neighbors and San Francisco businesses for support. The outlook for public school funding continues to look desperate and we have been told to prepare for additional funding cuts.

On Saturday April 27, 2013, Marshall will host our 5th Annual DIA DE LOS NIÑOS community event and fundraiser showcasing local cuisines, entertainers, and other businesses interested in promoting their commitment to local public education and the preservation of our multicultural heritage. 

We are actively seeking several types of donations: food/beverages, silent auction/raffle items, in-kind services, as well as cash donations that will be used to cover out-of-pocket expenses.  All the funds raised at this community event will go directly to student programs at Marshall.  HECHO EN CALIFORNIA, a local Spanish radio show broadcast on 1010AM, has already pledged to promote the event and all major sponsors.  Sponsors will be promoted not only on the radio, but also on posters and Facebook. 

Located at 15th and Capp Streets, Marshall is a strong and vibrant part of the Mission community. Marshall strives to deliver a high-quality dual immersion program with a strong emphasis on science, mathematics and literacy—in both English and Spanish.   It is truly a neighborhood school with more than 80% of its 240 students living in the Mission.  Of those students, 88% are economically disadvantaged and 9% are students with disabilities.

Our 2011 Dia de los Niños event was attended by more than 250 people and raised more than $7,000  -- we hope to raise $10,000+ this year.   Proceeds will support Marshall's Parent and Teacher Association (PTA), which funds the majority of enrichment programs at Marshall, including, science field trips and classroom programs, music/performing arts and computer literacy training for Marshall parents.  

A parent from Marshall will be contacting you in the next few weeks to follow up on donating to the 2012 DIA DE LOS NIÑOS event at Marshall.  If you wish to contact us, you can reach us via email: diadelosNiñ or call 415-241-6280.

Please note that your donation is completely tax-deductible; our non-profit IRS tax identification number is 54-2173518.  Thank you very much for your consideration.


Samba Funk!

We are pleased to have Samba Funk! as part of the live entertainment. You can find out more about this dance troupe at