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Sustainability Programs

Food to Flowers: Lunchroom Composting Program

Food to Flowers is Marshall's Lunchroom Composting Program. All students participate in the program during their own lunch time. In the last 5 minutes of their lunch, 2 students are chosen at random to be our Compost Monitors for that day. They Monitors put their aprons on and stand near the Recycling, Trash and Compost bins and help students dispose of their waste in the correct container. This program not only allows the students to teach and help each other with composting in the lunchroom, but it also develops a sense of familiarity with where our trash goes when we throw it "away". 



Safe Routes to School: District-wide program that encourages safe and healthy modes of transit

Marshall has partnered with Safe Routes to School for almost 3 years now and has done a phenomenal job of commuting to and from school in a safe and sustainable manner. Ely Rodriguez, a parent here at Marshall who bikes to school every day with his son Finley, has been working with the Education Outside Instructor (Darya Soofi) to promote more walking and biking to school. According to the data that the city has collected over the past few years, Marshall has a majority of families that walk to school. But we need Marshall Family's input on the commute can be more safe and fun for the kids and parents who walk and bike. 

Some of the events we have held in the past are Walking School Buses (large groups of kids that walk together to school), Bike Rodeos (events at Marshall where students can practice riding their bikes in a safe place), and our newest, ROCK THE BLOCK campaign that aims to count how many students walk, bike, or drive to school each day. 

If you're interested in learning more about the program or want to help out please contact Darya Soofi (Education Outside Instructor) at